Options for Lent 2024

Lent is a chance to work on new growth – to get to know Jesus more deeply and more joyfully, whatever our current circumstances.

Everyone will have their own, personal ways of doing this, but to help us connect to God and support each other as we learn to follow Jesus and see his Kingdom come in our lives, we're running some joint sessions where we can spend time together.

This may come at the cost of some of the things we might otherwise be doing - but this is a self-denial which we trust will lead to deeper joy and fulfilment and living life with God.

You don't have to do everything listed here: just choose what works, and come and join in!

Sunday Mornings, 10.30-12

Building on the Rock — Patrick’s Kingdom Power Prayers for every day
Part of Sunday Worship, 10.30am-12 noon, 18 Feb –17 Mar (5 weeks)

St Patrick lived roughly from 385-461 AD, and was from an early Christian family living, many believe, in Scotland He was sold into slavery in Ireland,then escaped and returned home. Later, however, sensing a call from God, he returned to live and work in Ireland, bringing the Christian faith the many.

Life then was, no doubt, very different and much harsher. Yet there are many places in the world today where life is just as harsh and dangerous, and although we may be materially better off, life can still be tough. The ancient prayer attributed Patrick helps, now as then, to take hold of some great truths about God and apply and live them in our lives on a daily basis.

Over five Sundays, we'll be looking into what this rich, Scriptural prayer tells us about God, and we'll also practice saying it daily, to help let His truth and beauty, power and love seep into us. Some may like to memorise it week by week as well, internalising it for easy use and meditation.

You can download a version of it here: Daily Prayer of St Patrick

That’s My King! Do You Know Him? S.M.Lockridge's description of Jesus.

Prayer: Visit this place, Lord, we pray…

Clyde Kilby's Resolutions

Practice the Presence of God Bible Quotations Selected bible verses and quotations helping us to remember God is always with us.

Tuesday Afternoons, 2-4pm

Dallas Willard — Healing the Heart and Life by Walking with Jesus Daily
Tuesdays 2-4pm, 20 Feb–26 March (6 weeks)

"Change on the inside is possible. This change can happen with God. The way to heal human brokenness is from the inside, but we must add a bit to the idea:

"This a 6-week series presented by Dallas Willard at his home church in 2003 (Valley Vineyard, Reseda, Southern California) shortly after the publication of his book Renovation of the Heart. Dallas explains the progression from a life of brokenness to a life of discipleship in God's kingdom by showing us how we can pursue restoration of our souls. Each meeting is presented on the Dallas Willard Ministries YouTube channel in 2 parts, so there are 12 videos total. Links to handouts and PowerPoint presentations are available in the description that accompanies each session."

  1. How Our Hearts and Lives are Broken and the Promise of Healing [Slides | Notes]
  2. Understanding the Will and the Mind, the Centre of Brokenness and of Healing [Slides | Notes]
  3. Out of the Furnace of Feeling. Escaping the tyranny of feeling, passion and emotion [Slides | Notes]
  4. The Broken Body and its Social World. Healing the Family and its Wounds [Slides | Notes]
  5. Healing the Heart and Soul [Slides | Notes]
  6. Living Wholeness of Life in the Kingdom and Power of God [Slides | Notes]
Notes from Doug Webster covering all six sessions are also available.

Dallas Willard Definitions and Concepts Some helpful background information.

Frank C. Laubach - Letters By A Modern Mystic. It can also be bought as a book – search for ISBN: 9780281085835

Tuesday Evenings, 7.30–9pm

Discovery Bible App Group — Becoming Disciples
Tuesdays 7.30-9pm, 20 Feb–26 March (6 weeks)

The Discover App provides 'Discovery Bible Studies' which are a great way for groups to study the Bible together. The aim is to encourage practical discipleship by allowing people people to:

This is a relaxed, informal and practical way of exploring the Bible, and a great way to ask questions and work things out in a supportive and encouraging environment. Bring a friend!

The Priory Church, Queensferry, Scotland